Friday, October 24, 2008

The ghost in the closet

You ever wonder what debris gets left in a conversation you thought you were a part of but realize that other agenda's are usurping your own.

The vendor that was in town in a previous post is doing an end run on me with an outsourcing push for their application only.

I find myself between don't care and damn you every time I think about it, so this is my venting space.

I hate it when one good idea gets taken as gospel and the perception of those non technology executives leads to well it must be a good solution for everything.

Yet when I had conversations and brought it to the table as my idea, with an intent to ensure that the air was clear, I get the end run.

I am somewhere between no way in hell this will happen and if I fail I must quit.  I just don't get it why we continue to circle around the same topic over and over, how many times do we have to address an issue and be told it is in the closet to find it gets dragged out again, and again, it sounds like an agenda or just a bad idea being used wrongly.

Now let me clarify, this isn't year over year validation or re visiting this issue every few years. This is 3X visiting this issue in 8 months. If it's dead let it lie, if there is an agenda then make it known, I hate the dance as it is disrespectful of my time and energy and disregards all previous work to validate or not a particular issue.  If the answer before wasn't satisfactory then say so and make it known that the issue isn't dead but will be revisited, don't leave everyone feeling that the issue was addressed.

Anyway's, thanks for letting me purge that as I need a release

Thanks for listening

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