Monday, June 1, 2009

My views on social media

The observations and information below are from my own research and experiences and extrapolating what some technologies may be useful for.

Thought leaders say business must connect with clients in way that builds community, as younger workers come into work force and we interact with them we must do so in ways they want to interact and that is social media or creating communities of value for them to belong to.

Blog's - self publishing, on-line public diary of sorts. Limited feedback through comments that can be controlled or not allowed.

Wiki - think of a shared piece of paper, we work together to build information, documents, manuals that allow multiple contributors - creates centres of excellence based upon authors, not where they are in the organization.

Social Media Sites (Face Book/My Space/LinkedIn) - while consumer sites like Facebook/my Space are more focused on personal contacts (friends/family), LinkedIn is a business to business contact site (business associates/suppliers/customers). Consumer based sites speak to connecting with potential work force, recruiting efforts. LinkedIn as potential to leverage all of our networks as 1 virtual network (sales channel, solution channel, subject matter expert channel)

Twitter - sold as "micro blogging" at 140 characters at a time (see Blog's above) Really functions as real time extension of all of above in many ways, a consolidator of the above technologies that creates micro publishing but also links back into the substance that may exist in other platforms as per above.

Video - Unlike the rest of the above which are new channels to communicate, Video is really about content, key issue on-line is keep it relevant and to the point and convey idea's in under 10 minutes.

Think of these technologies like the radio (not satellite), we don't pay to listen to the radio, but by creating value that builds an audience, it creates value for advertisers. These are mediums that help us broadcast that value message (NOT ADVERTISING)

Arianna Huffington, Huffington Post, at Allthingsdigital conference (D7) last week reinforced message that providing value on-line is not about subscriptions (ie: satellite radio to keep with example), but creating value that creates opportunities to build value ($$$$).

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