Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to avoid printer jams!

These hints apply to all devices that use paper not just printers.

The weather is changing and that means so does the occurrence of paper jams. So what can you do about it? A lot in fact!

Winter weather is dryer and therefore causes more static, but just like our hands that tend to dry out and get more hang nails, etc. This same weather affects paper. So to avoid printer jams here are some things you should keep in mind:

1) paper of all kinds are shipped in boxes for a reason, they protect the paper from the elements, don't remove packets of paper from the box until it is needed.

2) Just like above the reason the paper wrapping isn't recyclable is because it is coated in a wax to protect the paper inside the package, open packages not fully used after opening allows the paper to dry out. Paper left in an open package will be more likely to jam than fresh paper.

3) Flip the paper like a fan in your hand when inserting in a machine. The drying out makes it more susceptible to static, fanning the paper will reduce the inherent static so it won't discharge when trying to print for you.

4) Use the right side. Yes paper actually has a right and wrong side to print on. The only way I can tell is when removing it from the paper package it has indicators showing the correct side to print on. Printing on the wrong side will increase the risk of jamming.

5) If it works at home, it will here. Always a controversial topic but using a no scent fabric software, watered down and sprayed on the carpet around a printing device will reduce jams. We use this for extreme cases only due to sensitivities to fabric software by associates.

Thanks for listening . . .

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