Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Travelling Transgender in Transition

Someone asked me a good question that I thought was clearly understood, but in realization as I explained it to them, it had some merit, so my friends I share with you for consideration:

Question: Why is your first business travel as you a big deal?

Dealing with Travel is based a lot upon identity, so while it's in transition there is always a concern of issues arising because of mismatched identity.

It will also be the first time dealing with airport security and their new Trans friendly policy, which as I am lead to believe has more to do with the people controlling security and how they react than the policy itself.

It is my first time with an Airline, Air Canada in this case. Wondering how their staff will react.

I usually travel with my passport, even for domestic travel, this time I will use my Drivers license as it's the only picture ID that matches everything for me.

So why not use my passport, it is the old me, and because it is backed by my immigration documents as I wasn't born here, I am 2 months into a 5 month process to get that paperwork fixed and I had to submit (originals not copies) EVERY piece of documentation that proves I am a Canadian citizen in order for them to grant me new originals.

Since Travel is based on identity, I have never travelled with so little proof of who I am, that's an uncomfortable feeling.

Feb 10/2017 Update
Meet with Canada / USA Nexus teams to start updating my records, they were all very nice, but agreed that it best I not travel until I get ALL my identity documents in line.

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