Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Living a Real and authentic Life - Economic Equality

A Short but poignant post about economic equality, one of the 3rd party sites I work with has a fee associated with work I may do for them. Since the last time I did work as the old me I now see this message on any project they inquire with me on:

You are free to set your rate as you see fit. Be advised, however, that for this project your hourly rate exceeds the hourly rate of other Council Members who have been invited. For projects like this one - where similarly qualified Council Members may be available - your hourly rate could be a factor in determining whether you are selected. If you are inclined to do so, you can modify your rate (for this project only) per the guidelines set forth below.

The only change since my last work was my gender, same great content inside!

The suggested rate is exactly 25% less than my old 'male" rate.

It may be that the market changed and the offer is actually lower since my last project, but every project has the same issue so one could be left to believe that female's doing the same work as males, in this case, are worth 25% less . . .

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