Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Living a Real and Authentic Life - Choice . . . Not

It's a choice

A very common miss used phrase is "choice"!  I have not met a single person dealing with their Gender as a choice. It doesn't make this journey in life easier, in fact, it adds a great deal of complexity for all involved.

I was naive when this process began to assume gender transition was happening to me, but my transition happens to everyone in my life. While it is my story to tell, they also have their story to tell.

Back to choice, the only aspect which may be perceived as the choice is to ignore this and just continue as you were before. The outcome of ignoring gender dysphoria results in greater than 50% suicide rate, is the choice really deal with my gender dysphoria or death? Do you really consider that a valid choice?

If you are not part of the 50% plus demographic what does life look like; confusion, unhappy, guilt, shame, self-destructive behaviours, and much more.

That doesn't sound like much of a choice, so dealing with Gender Dysphoria is what we do because we have to as those others are not a choice.

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