Sunday, December 3, 2017

Acceptance W/O Understanding . . . a re introduction


I don't know why or how, but even before I began to transition my gender, I understood this concept and while not fully applied in my life at that time, I began to evaluate everything in this context.

I can assure you that as an opportunity has arisen I continue to share this message and I have seen it's powerful impact on those who hear it. While it has very wide application in life, it is not a panacea for every situation.


So what does it mean to accept without understanding?  As human beings, we struggle to understand everything in order to decide if we accept it.

Yet when it comes to religion we accept without understanding and call it faith!

Why in living life as human beings can we not accept each other as human beings without understanding each other?

In the way, I use the phrase and share it is you do not need to understand me as a human being in order to accept I am me. I am not looking for your approval for whatever you perceive as the choices in my life, or what perception you may have of my lifestyle. I am simply asking you to accept I am a human being on my life's journey, just as you are.


The concept is simple, yet so hard to put into practice because we are taught to judge each other based on gender, race, the colour of our skin, country of origin, religious or political beliefs and so many other facets.

It is complicated by the fact that some people see it appropriate to deny my humanity, and therefore they can not accept because they do not see me as a human like them.

Others deny my gender, yet it is what it is and my journey is the approved medical treatment for Gender Dysphoria, so how does becoming me become wrong?

Blog Purpose

As I get to share this global message of Acceptance without Understanding or Accept without Understanding, I will share insights and stories that help to demonstrate this powerful concept.

Cynthia XO

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