Monday, April 19, 2010

Day Two at Midsize Enterprise Summit

For any tweeters out there the hash tag to follow the live tweets for this event is #ecmes

Day Two

WOW what a full day, starting at 6am I needed to get my daily work out in, by 8am I was in the first keynote, by 10:30pm my day finally ended, here in summary was that day...

Morning Keynote

Carl Claunch and David Cearely from Gartner co presented a top 10 strategic initiatives

1.0 Virtualization
2.0 Cloud
2.1 Infrastructure
2.2 Services
2.3 SaaS
3.0 BI
4.0 Client computing
5.0 Social Computing
6.0 Mobile
7.0 Active Security
8.0 Reshaping the Data Centre
8.1 Lessons learnt about dedicated hot and cold aisles as one example
9.0 Greening IT
9.1 Support for remote communications
9.2 Teleworking
9.3 Content and Document Management
9.4 Transportation Analytics
10.0 Storage

The message was followed up By Kevin Hooper from HP, who made a short, yes a short presentation and then they invited a client, a fellow CIO, to come and speak. Very innovative for a vendor to allow their clients to speak for them on the big stage at this event. They also mixed it up with a message for MES attendee's from Mark Hurd the CEO of HP. Their message was very simple, it focused on 3 elements they boil it own to that they are focused on delivering.

1.0 Manage
1.1 Help their clients manage and simplify IT

2.0 Protect
2.1 Protect investments

3.0 Grow
3.1 Help their clients grow

A good presentation by HP.

The Boardrooms
A key element of these MES events is they are vendor sponsored so you MUST devote time to hear from the vendors, but before you get cynical about that, when a vendor paid to be in front of you they get very focused at delivering their true strategic value message, the ons who don't get that this is different try the usual sales pitch.

You will never hear from all vendors, but here is who I heard from today:

Information Builders, their web focus BI product is the basis for the IBM DB2 web Query tool we have

CA Arcserve Backup has many features that were interesting including:
- De Dup built in, no extra licensing to buy
- De Dup is an inline process
- They integrate with Hyper V and VMware
- They support windows, Linux, and AIX the environments I run
- They do support Intel based systems and Non Intel based systems

Cast Iron Systems - A data integration/normalizing/ process flow data appliance

Cognos - IBM's BI solution

Life Size, a division of Logitech, there very impressive video conference solution that not only does boardroom to boardroom but also supports boardroom to desktop user, via Skype, competitors system, Google Talk and so on.... a new benchmark in the video conf space. A desktop license costs $200 1X for their software based solution on your laptop.

Tri Geo - An innovative and leading SIEM (Security Incident Event Management) appliance, not only reporting but reactive abilities as well.

Shoretel - a evolutionary vendor in the VOIP systems market. One key differentiator was they have in all models of their products a fail back to POTS lines. Other key features of note;
- They support LDAP and AD
- The will in next release support natively running in a virtualized space.
- Pricing including handset starting in the $500/user range

Each vendor did a 30 minute presentation so a lot to absorb today.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Abbie Lundberg, formerly Editor in Chief of CIO Magazine, and share some time chatting about my vision for social business as it relates to my firm, our plans are looking good. Thanks Abbie!! You can follow Abbie on twitter at @abbielundberg

By this time I was feeling pretty beat so I stepped out for a break while Gartner presented a detailed session on cloud computing.

The Trade Show portion of the event opened up around 6pm and that gives me a chance to stop by vendors booths and get more info and express any interest I have in having a conversation with. Some of those vendors who we already deal with that I say were:

- kaspersky - Desktop Security
- Microsoft - Seeing latest edition of Hyper V and first intro to windows 7 for me
- Numara Software - hep desk and asset management tool set

Time to wrap up day two, final day tomorrow

Thanks for listening . . .

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