Friday, April 30, 2010

Social Business....the next BIg thing?

The world is still a buzz about all things digital, not the conference, the perspective that our world is fast becoming digital in all that we do.

Take Social Business, not a main stream phrase yet. Today you hear about Social Marketing, Social Media, or Social Networking. Form a business perspective they are relate to one thing, how do I reach out and connect with more potential customers. It's about building the bottom line.

While my focus is business I am not new to this world, I have a whole 9 months under my belt. In that time I have already been named by Network World as one of 12 CIO's who twitter. I am also ranked #26 out of 50 by Top 50 CIO and IT Leaders in the Social Media

So what does this really mean? and Why do you care?

For me the perspective is future customers. For each business the focus may be completely unique. If I am Apple and I have a hot new product called iPad, then social business is about securing more clients now. At least that is how Dell approaches it. Maybe you are in a food products business like Immaculate Baking who are creating a community for ongoing customer relationship, product development idea's and more. As I said for each company the why will be unique.

Depending upon your customer (the person not the business) and in general their age group, the younger they are the more viable this medium is today as a valid sales/customer service channel. These 20-30 somethings today are starting their careers and as they mature in their business roles, they will increasingly bring these tools they grew up with into the way they do business. So for us being ready to participate in future conversations about international trade is our reason for looking at Social Business as a viable channel to start investing in today.

The rule of thumb is that we do business with people we like and trust, not unknown - nameless business entities. So the question is what are you doing to be more personal with your clients and your future clients?

Thanks for listening...

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