Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My ideal iPad

So much has been written about the recently launched ipad I was reluctant to share this.

In my humble opinion, the initial iPad devices missed the mark. I am also confident that Apple will most likely release a version that does hit the mark

For me that mark is seeing the iPad as more than an advanced e-reader. I see it as a real device that could bring a revolution to web video conference capabilities such as Skype. By supporting applications like Skype which to my limited understanding it can not do currently, but also add a front facing camera to enable video conference features.

Whether it's Skype, iLinc, Live Meeting, Lotus Live, and so on the fact is there are already solutions out there that could be leveraged with the right device, the iPad could be that device.

If I could acquire iPads in this configuration it would make for easy roll out to branch office for a mobile video conference enabled platform.

If it had that, I will take 8 of them please.

Thanks for listening...

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